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I Broke Out of Prison 2 Book


People all over the world have faced crisis and adversities both great and small. Some struggled to tell portions of their stories, but it's okay. The scenario is to bridge the gap and help people tell their stories to get it out there, to lift a hand and give someone else in their struggles a signal to "GO." I firmly believe God is using me to be a midwife in this season of my life, not just for the co-authors in this book, but for you too, not to hold back anymore, but to release and share the truth about what happened. I see it like this and believe he is leading me like a Harriet Tubman, to go and be free and Break Out of Prison first. After breaking free, you must return and help others from around the world be freed. We must stop being silent, start speaking up, stop dreaming the days and years away, and stop wishing and remaining silent about telling our stories. It's mentioned in the best book of all time about how you can overcome by sharing your testimonies regardless of what anyone may think. My mom said, "So what; what people got to say. They talked about Jesus Christ too." My Dad would say, "once a person stops worrying about what others may think, you have truly arrived." One man, the greatest of all named Jesus Christ, passed the baton down to me, and I passed that same baton over to you. I am a force to be reckoned with. Go forth and break out of that prison mentally, spiritually, physically, financially, & socially too.